Saturday, June 5, 2010

Super WHY!

I took the kids out to the local library for a meet & greet with character's from the PBS show Super WHY! Marnina was really excited because it was "just like Disney World" (i.e. meeting the characters). Can you tell that she has Disney on the brain - even four months after our trip??

And here's one more of our adorable boy. He's growing so fast! You can be praying that we'll find out what's causing his eczema flare ups. We're slathering him in Aquaphor 5+ times a day to keep his skin moisturized. The pediatrician switched him from Enfamil Gentlease to Similac Alimentum, suggesting he might have a milk allergy. The Alimentum is the most expensive formula on the market with no generic available. If this does work, obviously we'll stay on it because it's what he needs, but it will triple what we're spending on formula for the next 9 months. Pray that we'll find the best way to keep him healthy.

He is such a happy baby, though. Marnina loves being a big sister. And I'm loving being their mom.


  1. You might try vanicream for the eczema. I have it, Max had it (yes, that's right) and his allergist recommended it. I love it because it's cream based and not greasy like Aquaphor. Have you checked bargain sites for Alimentum alternatives?


  2. Marnina sounds like Lily after our trip to WDW when she was 3 - she'd relate everything back to it somehow ;-)

    About the eczema - my youngest child, Owen had terrible eczema (as did my other two bio kids) and switching to Clear and Free Purex helped a bit - also California Baby has a line of creams that helped a ton.

  3. We've done all we can on our end with the eczema - Dreft laundry detergent, no fabric softer or dryer sheets, washing with Dove sensitive (after trying a bazillion other products), keeping his skin hydrated with Aquaphor (after trying another set of bazillion items like raw Shea butter and several other creams/lotions). It's just strange that he was with us all of March and April with no skin issues, then May it magically appears. He's been on the same formula for 99% of this time, same laundry, same soap, etc.

    Our pediatrician said we were doing all the right things and that it's time to try to look into allergies. She said he will need to be tested for allergies in a couple of years, too. I think his eczema is clearing up with the Alimentum. And thanks to Amanda!! - I'll look into whether our insurance will cover the formula. How awesome would it be to get a month's worth of formula for a co-pay! I'll keep you posted!