Saturday, June 5, 2010

Super WHY!

I took the kids out to the local library for a meet & greet with character's from the PBS show Super WHY! Marnina was really excited because it was "just like Disney World" (i.e. meeting the characters). Can you tell that she has Disney on the brain - even four months after our trip??

And here's one more of our adorable boy. He's growing so fast! You can be praying that we'll find out what's causing his eczema flare ups. We're slathering him in Aquaphor 5+ times a day to keep his skin moisturized. The pediatrician switched him from Enfamil Gentlease to Similac Alimentum, suggesting he might have a milk allergy. The Alimentum is the most expensive formula on the market with no generic available. If this does work, obviously we'll stay on it because it's what he needs, but it will triple what we're spending on formula for the next 9 months. Pray that we'll find the best way to keep him healthy.

He is such a happy baby, though. Marnina loves being a big sister. And I'm loving being their mom.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Marnina's Day Out

We took Marnina out on the town in May for a special treat. The local auditorium was showing Nick Jr. LIVE - Ni Hao Kai-Lan, Wonder Pets, Backyardigans, and Dora - all in one show! We bought the tickets back in January (before we knew about Elijah). Matt's mom was able to watch Elijah for us while Marnina had Mama & Daddy's undivided attention for the first time in 3 months. She has done really well adjusting to being a big sister and sharing the limelight, but I know she enjoyed being the only one for a few hours.

Marnina just LOVED the show...she kept talking about how it was just like "Disney World" and wanted to ride some rides now. Ha!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sibling Love

Grandparents Visit

Elijah was stylin' and Marnina entertained every day with original song and dance.

Am (short for Gram) and Pa-Pa (Grandpa) both had lots of time to bond with Elijah. he gave them lots of cuddles, smiles, and love.

Marnina had her fair share of time, too. There was no shortage of tea parties and play time.

Some more cute pics of the kids this past week:

We spent Mother's Day at the Zoo. it takes a lot longer to tour with an infant and we won't be doing any long day trips while Elijah is this young. He was really unhappy in his car seat for so long. he was held and I wore him in the Maya Wrap, so he wasn't in it all day; but he was not a happy camper - which made a long day for everyone. But.....we did have a good time with the part of the Zoo we saw. Marnina rode the carousel three times and was completely enamored by the misting tree by the elephants. She said her favorite animal was the zebra.

(notice the sign)


Yes, he has dimples!
He's cooing and babbling all the time now. Such a happy baby!

Dance recital

Marnina had her final dance recital for the Creative Movement class. (She'll be starting Beginner Ballet & Tap this summer.)

African Safari was the theme of this recital. Marnina's class danced to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" in lion costumes. They were cute, as always, and Marnina did great. We're so proud of her! Grandma K. was there and really helped me out by taking care of Elijah so I could sit with Marnina's class. Thanks, Grandma K.!!

2 months old

We're still trying to get a good smile photo...

Bubble kisses to Marnina